Being arrested is bad, being in jail is worse...

Call Liberty today and we'll get your “ASS” out of jail!

Lic. A14217

Bail Bond Lic. 1

credit cards

Don't let your budget keep your or a loved one from getting the prompt and reliable services you need to handle your challenging situation. Let us make the process easier by offering flexible payment and collateral options so you can get help fast.

• Cash

• Checks

• Money Orders

• Credit Cards


Please bring photo ID for non-cash payment.

Don't let your loved one sit in jail waiting. Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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payments for your services

• Coins (Gold / Silver)

• Jewelry (precious metals  stones only)

• Dirt Bikes / 4 Wheelers / ATVs

• Trailers (Stock/Utility/Camping)

• Cars / Trucks / Motorcycles

If you are putting up a vehicle as collateral, make sure you bring the original title and that this title has no liens. If you are putting up a gun, make sure it is unloaded and in a carrying case, or that you ask our staff for assistance bringing it in.

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coins silver and gold

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